Did you know? Heartburn may be caused by low rather than high stomach acid

When we experience heartburn and acid reflux after eating,the natural reaction is to assume that our stomach acidity levels are too high, that we have too much acid. However this is not always the case and clients who come to see me with symptoms such as these often improve when we supplement betaine hydrochloride(stomach acid)

This is because it’s not so much excess levels of acid that cause reflux and heartburn it’s acid in the wrong place. One of the reasons for this can be bloating in the lower abdomen as a result of bacterial fermentation. This can create a pressure in the digestive system which can push the acid upwards. The fermentation in the gut has been able to take place because inadequate levels of acid have created a situation where food hasn’t been broken down properly. Thus it’s easy to see how a vicious circle can develop.

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