Thinking Of Testing For Food Intolerances But Not Sure Who To Trust?

“Finally! An Easy To Use Food Intolerance Test That Gives Results You Can Rely On”

From: Paula Werrett

The Nutrition Link

Dear Food Conscious Friend

  • Are you fed up with feeling under the weather – all the time?
  • Do you suffer from digestive problems, fatigue, aches and pains, difficulty losing weight?
  • Has food lost its enjoyment for you?

Enjoy Food After Food Intolerance Testing

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If so you are not alone. Research shows that although true allergies are rare, as many as 50% of us are likely to suffer from one or more debilitating food intolerances at some point in our lives. Food intolerances can cause untold misery creating a wide and varied range of symptoms including:

  • Diarrhoea,
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Irritable Bowl Syndrome/ IBS
  • Abdominal pain
  • Flatulence
  • Excess Belching
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Palpitations
  • Sinus Problems
  • Excess mucous
  • Puffiness

In my nutritional clinics I routinely test clients for food intolerance and find that a staggering 90% of clients will have at least one food that is causing them problems. Food intolerances have also been implicated in more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, cancer and arthritis.

So it really makes a lot of sense to take a complete food intolerance test as this can give you the vital answerers you need with regards to your health.

But Why Do a Test? Why Not Simply
Eliminate Any Suspect Foods?

Common Food Allergies - Food Intolerance TestingIf you carry on eating everything you’re eating at the moment, then the chances are that you’re not likely to feel any better. Unless you can get to the route of which foods are making you unwell then all your symptoms are likely to at best continue as they are today or at worst to deteriorate even further.

But do you really need to do a test or can you just cut out the foods that you think are causing your problems?

Unlike true allergies which usually create immediate symptoms, the symptoms caused by food intolerances are often delayed and can take up to 4 days to show themselves. So if you get diarrhoea on a Tuesday, how do you know whether it was the cheese you ate the night before or the bread you ate 3 days ago?

What’s more other factors such as stress, tiredness or food combinations can have an impact on symptoms experienced after eating. So how can you work out whether you should avoid eggs if they make you feel bloated some days but not others?

The only sensible way of solving this dilemma is by taking away the guesswork with a reliable food intolerance test.

Now, you can empower yourself and feel good about what you’re eating once again!

And Only The Best Will Be Good Enough For You.

As a qualified nutritionist, I have years of experience in using food intolerance tests. I keep on top of all the latest research so that I can bring you the most reliable testing available in the world today.

The Foodprint® Food Intolerance Tests from Cambridge Nutritional Sciences stand alone in terms of accuracy and reliability. What’s more because I use these tests on my clients in clinic, I see the fantastic results that they get. I see client’s lives turned around, symptoms disappearing, pleasure in food returning and great health restored once again.

And Here’s What Other People Are Saying About The Foodprint® Food Intolerance Tests

  • How fantastic! My diarrhoea has completely disappeared and I have no more bloating. T.M. Norfolk
  • Thank you so much. I have lost a stone in weight since I cut out my food intolerances, J.R. St. Albans
  • I feel much clearer and have a lot more energy now that I am avoiding my problem foods S.P Somerset
  • My constipation has disappeared and my stomach is a lot flatter. A.K. Sheffield

  • My indigestion is so much better I no longer need to take my acid suppressing medication! A.R, Watford
  • I’ve tried other intolerance tests before with limited success, but The Foodprint® Food Intolerance test seemed to really sort out which foods were disagreeing with me. J.K. Barnsley

  • It was really easy to use and so great that I could do the test at home N.S. Hertford

  • The Nutrition Link offer excellent interpretation of the results and really helped me to understand what was going on M.H York
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So What’s So Special About The Foodprint® Food Intolerance Tests?

While many other food intolerance tests rely on the skill of the practitioner to identify which foods are an issue, or on methodologies which haven’t been scientifically validated, The Foodprint® Food Intolerance Test range uses objective measurements of IgG antibodies to commonly consumed foods – a scientifically proven way to test for food intolerance.

What’s more, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences are a highly reputable and experienced laboratory who have been performing clinical tests since 1994 and are one of the few laboratories in Europe to have implemented IO9001 quality systems throughout.

A mark of the quality and reliability of the results you deserve. And when it comes to your personal health I believe only the best will do.

Are You Truly Serious About Health?

Ask yourself this… “What is my most valuable possession?”

…and you have to agree that it is your health. And don’t just think of your personal time on this earth but also the time you share with your loved ones.

Now imagine. After taking our Foodprint® food intolerance test you could:

  • Live a happier – fuller life.
  • Reduce factors that can contribute to serious illnesses like cancer, arthritis and autoimmune disease.
  • Say goodbye to those embarrassing situations of having unwanted rashes, nausea or flatulence.
  • Eliminate pain caused by constipation, palpitations, heartburn, hiccups and irritable bowl syndrome.
  • Finally be able to address your tiredness, mood swings and irritability.
  • You may even find the key to your overweight problem
  • And most importantly – simple piece of mind of knowing what is causing you all this misery and what to do about it.

An Easy To Use, Fast Professional Service Or Your Money Back

So what price are you prepared to put on restoring yourself to optimal health? I’d like to bet that you’d spend £1000 or more for getting your health back on track.

But you don’t have to pay nearly as much.

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When you place an order through this website, not only do you get top quality and reliable test results but full email support from The Nutrition Link to help you make the most of the findings.

At no risk to you…

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeO.K. so I know that no matter how tempting this great offer is, some of you will still hesitate, so I want to reassure you that if for any reason you decide you don’t want to do the test after purchasing it, just send the kit with all its contents back to us for a full no quibble money back guarantee. What’s more I’ll extend this guarantee for a full 6 months after purchase. And if you decide to send the kit back I will still let you keep the bonuses absolutely free.

And before I forget…

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Bonus Number 2 – Recovering From Food Intolerance Guide

Everything you need to know about recovering from food intolerances including:

  • When should you introduce problem foods?
  • How the gut can be healed?
  • What can you do to prevent new intolerances developing?
  • How to get to the route of the problem?
  • And much more…

All these questions answered and many more. This will be your definitive guide to food intolerance. All written by an expert nutritionist with years of experience of working with food intolerance. Worth £29.99 but yours free when you purchase a Foodprint® Food Intolerance Test from The Nutrition Link today. Order now.

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Let’s Recap On The Amazing Value You Get When You Secure Your Foodprint® Food Intolerance Test from The Nutrition Link?

  • State of the art Food Intolerance Tests from nutrition experts who know what works.
  • Simple, easy to do finger prick blood test which can be done at home
  • Measures IgG antibodies to commonly consumed foods – a scientifically validated way to test for food intolerance
  • No need to book appointments with doctors or hospitals for full blood draw.
  • Test is performed by one of the few European laboratories to have implemented Io9001 quality systems throughout – a mark of the quality and reliability of the laboratory test
  • Results available in only 10 days
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Your health is your most precious asset. You will be amazed at how much better your quality of life could be, simply by eliminating or substituting the foods that do not accord with your system.

To your health

Paula Werrett
The Nutrition Link

P.S Remember, you get much more than a simple food intolerance test from me. You will get highly accurate results from one of the UK’s leading laboratories with our complimentary support and free bonuses, all for the unbelievable price of just £79.99

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