Pumpkin Seed Oil May Offer Benefits to Post – Menopausal Women

 Pumpkin seed oil is rich in phytoestrogens (plant based oestrogens)

which are thought to mimic some of the effects of hormones in the


body and may be useful during the menopause or for post menopausal women.

A recent pilot study looked at the benefit of pumpkin seed oil in post memopausal

women and found that women receiving the supplement showed some health

advantages. These include a reduction in high density lipoproteins (the bad cholesterol),

a decrease in diastolic blood pressure and a dcrease in menopausal symptoms

including hot flushes, headaches and joint pain.   Further studies are warranted

to further support the benefits of pumpkin seed oil demonstrated in this pilot study.



Climacteric May 5, 2011

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