Research Study Found IgG food test Effective For Identifying Food Intolerance

We all know that food intolerance tests have received a bad press, but a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of York found that a blood test measuring IgG antibodies to commonly consumed foods was effective at identifying problemmatic foods. In the study 76% of people who stopped eating foods identified by the test felt better and recovered, while 92% found that their symptoms returned when the foods were reintroduced to their diet. Dr Gili Hart, co-author of the report commented ” this review is unique in showing that the strategy for elimination diet based on food specific IgG can give those ith chronic symptoms a route map to enable them to manage their diet and reduce their symptoms.” For more information on The Nutrition Link FoodCheck IgG food intolerance tests click on the Shop and Food Intolerance FAQ buttons above.

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