Health and Nutrition for Corporate Clients

How would you like to reduce absenteeism levels amongst your staff?
Ensuring that your staff are well educated about the importance of good nutrition could help you to achieve this goal. The right diet can help staff to cope better with work related pressure and may minimise the amount of time taken off work due to minor illnesses and digestive problems. At The Nutrition Link we offer a range of Corporate services to suit every budget. These include:

One to One Consultations
These could be offered on site to selected personnel as part of a wellbeing package or offered to all staff on a subsidised basis. All consultations are fully confidential and allow staff to discuss and address personal health issues in a comfortable and relaxed setting

Talks and Seminars
The Nutrition Link offers talks to groups of staff to address issues such as managing pressure, increasing energy levels and improving concentration. Longer interactive seminars are also available.

These can be used to inexpensively educate staff about healthy eating. E- newsletters are a very popular option.

Canteen Menu Planning
What better way to influence the health and nutrition of your staff than through careful canteen meal planning. The Nutrition Link can help with menu choices to improve staff nutrition while at the same time ensuring that taste is not compromised!

To discuss any of the above options please contact us. We will happily visit your offices and provide a complimentary presentation on the benefits of good nutrition to your staff.

Contact us for more information about our health and nutrition advice for corporate clients.

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