Health Testing

The Nutrition Link offers a range of state of the art health tests to help you to optimize your health. These may be arranged following a nutritional consultation or can be ordered separately. The tests consist of kits which are completed at home and sent back to the laboratory for analysis. We will happily send test kits any where within Europe. The test kits available are as follows:

Food Intolerance Testing – We offer finger prick blood test kits which measure IgG antibody levels for a variety of foods. Get more information or purchase your food intolerance kit.

Candida Testing – We offer either blood testing or stool tests with prices ranging from £70. Get more information or purchase your health testing kit.

Adrenal Stress Index – Looking to increase energy? Improve mood or regulate weight? The adrenal stress index measures cortisol and DHEA from simple saliva samples at 4 different times of the day to evaluate the body’s ability to deal with the pressures of modern living. Specific nutritional protocols can then be put in place to help your body to cope more effectively. Cost for this test is £75. Get more information or purchase your health testing kit.

Helicobacter PyloriHelicobacter Pylori is a nasty bacteria which can live within the gastrointestinal tract causing symptoms such as pain and irritation. This simple finger prick blood test can identify the presence of this potentially harmful bacteria. Get more information or purchase your health testing kit.

Digestive Stool Analysis – Understand how your digestive system is working? This test assesses your digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, fats & proteins, as well as evaluating your levels of different gut bacteria, yeasts and parasites. Call us for more information.

Leaky Gut Test – A leaky gut is often associated with multiple food intolerances. This urine test assesses the levels of gut permeability helping you to establish how leaky your gut is. Contact us for more information.

Inhalant Allergy Testing – A blood test to identify agents in the environment that the immune system is reacting to. Contact us for more information.

Female and Male Hormone Panels – This saliva test measures hormone levels at different times of the month helping to identify where the problem is occurring. Contact us for more information.

Thyroid Hormone Panel – Blood or urine tests are available to evaluate your thyroid. Tests evaluate levels of TSH, T4, T3 and Thyroid antibodies providing a very thorough overview of thyroid function. Contact us for more information.

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