Sports Nutrition Check

Good nutrition is vital for anyone involved in ongoing strenuous sporting activity. Exercise increases our need for many nutrients and it is vital that the correct nutrients are supplied to the body at the correct time in order to optimise performance. An understanding of sports nutrition is vital for those who are serious about their sport.

At The Nutrition Link we will review your diet to ensure that your nutrient intake is commensurate with the requirements placed on your body by your sport and that the timing of your food and fluid intake optimally supports your training. We can offer body composition analysis helping you to understand the all important ratios of fat and muscle and we can advise on nutritional strategies to minimise injury, enhance training benefits and help you prepare optimally for events.

The Sports Nutrition Check costs £75. Follow up consultations are also available at £55 each.

Contact us for more information about our sports nutrition checks and consultations.

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