Why cutting out sugar doesn’t get rid of candida

New research has shown that the microorganism candida albicans is more hardy than was originally thought. It has long been known that candida has a preference for sweet and starchy foods and that reducing these foods from the diet can bring relief from sysmptoms over a period of time.

Recently however, researchers have found that candida can also feed on protein and that it can survive in blood sugar concentrations which would be too low to keep a human alive. So what does this mean? Should we cut out protein and reduce our carbs even lower? Absolutely not! Strong immunity is critical for keeping candida at bay and protein along with a number of other nutrients is important for a strong immune system.

What the research actually demonstrates is that if candida can feed on virtually anything then there is little point in following an overly restrictive diet. If you’d like help in getting rid of your candida then feel free to call us on 01727 764 832

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