Antibiotics Given to Young Babies May Increase Risk of Later Obesity

Researchers have found links between babies given antibiotics in the first five months of life and later likelihood of developing obesity. The research

which took place at New

 York University State medical department analysed health records of 11, 552 children born in Avon UK between 1991 and 1992 and followed them for 7 years reviewing their weight at different points throughout this period. What emerged was the antibiotic group were 22% more likely t

o be overweight than the group who did not take antibiotics in the first five months of life. These findings support other research studies which have found links between gut bacteria balance and propensity for obesity. The mechanism is thought to be linked to the role that bacteria play in calorie extraction.

Source: Tsasande, L, Buustein J, Liu M, Corwin E, Cox LM, Blser MJ, Infant antibiotic exposures and early – life body mass. Int J Obes (Lond.) 2012 Aug 21 doi 10. 1038 / ijo.2012-132

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