Leaky Gut Link to Fat Around Your Organs?

Visceral fat (or the fat around your organs) is known to have a strong link with 

metabolic dysfunctions such as insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis and inflammation.

One theory as to why this might be is that increased intestinal permeability(also known

as leaky gut) may help to increase this fat around the organs. Increased intestinal

permeability occurs when the tight junctions in the gut become looser (causes can

vary but include things such as stress, gut infections, food intolerances, coeliac

disease, inflammatory bowel diseases and chemotherapy). In a recent study researchers

found a positive link between waist circumference and intestinal permeability.

Website Green Med reports:

” This novel finding of an association between intestinal permeability and visceral

adiposity and liver fat content in healthy humans suggests that impaired gut barrier

function should be further explored as a possible mediator of excess visceral fat

accumulation and metabolic dysfunction.



Obesity, Aug 18 2011

Green Med Info


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