The Food Intolerance 5 (IgG) Food Test £30

The Food Intolerance 5 (IgG) Food Test £30

Easy to use finger prick blood test to identify IgG antibodies to 5 foods. The test can be done at home and posted to the lab.

Food intolerances can be the cause of many symptoms including IBS, bloating, weight problems, depression, sinus issues, headaches, anxiety, skin problems and insomnia to name but a few. A simple finger prick food intolerance test which measures the levels of IgG antibodies to commonly consumed foods could quickly and easily identify the foods at the route of your symptoms.

Our food intolerance tests are performed by Lab 21 one of the leading European laboratories and one of the few UK laboratories to have reached the standards required to meet CPA accreditation.

Allow 5 days for delivery of the test kit. Results are available within 10 working days. Cow’s Milk, White Fish Mixture (Cod + Haddock + Plaice), Nut Mixture (Almond + Cashew + Hazelnut + Peanut), Soya proteins, Wheat

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