Terms and Conditions

  1. We will deliver goods to the countries specified within Europe. E- products may be    downloaded worldwide.
  2. Prices quoted for goods are in UK sterling and are inclusive of VAT. Delivery charges are as advised
  3. Payment may be made by Paypal or by cheque. If you wish to send us a cheque it should be addressed to The Nutrition Link. Please bear in mind that we will need to wait for your cheque to clear before we despatch your goods.
  4. Please allow 5 days for delivery of your test kit which will be despatched to you using recorded delivery. We are unable to accept liability for kits which are delayed in the post due to circumstances outside of our control. If for any reason your kit does not arrive within 5 working days of purchase then please contact us and we will send you another kit straight away.
  5. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase then please return your test kit to us in an unused condition providing your name, address and contact details and we will give you a full refund
  6. After receiving your original kit please complete the test following the instructions provided and send it back in the packaging provided to Free Post RRHL – EAES – LEBU lab 21Limited, 184 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 OGA  You will receive your report (usually by e-mail) within 10 days of receipt of your order at the lab
  7. Most people find that the test kits are easy to use, however if you do experience difficulties using the kit and find that you are unable to collect enough blood, please contact us for a replacement kit. (We can also provide venous kits if needed). We will however need you to send back your original kit to us before we can issue a duplicate
  8. Please note that all documentation supplied with the kits must be fully completed (including date when blood taken) before the test kit’s are returned to Lab 21. Lab 21 reserve the right to refuse to process a kit if inadequate details are provided or inadequate blood / a corrupted sample has been provided. If Lab 21 are unable to process your sample then you will be sent a duplicate kit to take an additional sample
  9. If you would like to discuss your test results then please contact us on 01727 764 832 to set up a telephone consultation. The charge for this is £30 for 30 minutes. Please note that Lab 21 are unable to enter into correspondence regarding test results

Nutritionist consultations in St Albans and Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. 01727 764 832