Omega 3 Fish Oils May Be Helpful for Male Infertility

A recent study found that levels of omega 3 fish oils in infertile male sperm were significantly lower than those in the sperm of men with no fertility issues. Infertile men were also shown to have a higher ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids in their sperm. These findings suggest that increasing levels of omega 3 in infertile men through diet … [Read more...]

Male Vitamin D deficiency linked to Infertility

A recent study has shown that deficiency of vitamin D may be a factor among men who are unable to impregnate their partners. The discovery surprised the researchers, who were investigating the incidence of DNA fragmentation of sperm. Fertility specialist Dr. Anne Clark screened the blood of almost 800 men with fertility problems, and found that … [Read more...]

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