Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress!

Some good news for the chocolate lovers out there! A recent study found that 40grams of dark chocolate daily reduced stress over a 2 week period. In the study 30 subjects were classified in low and high anxiety traits using a validated psychological questionnaire. Biological fluids (blood, urine and plasma were then measured on 3 separate days … [Read more...]

Green Tea Shown To Help Psychological Stress

In a recent study involving 42000 individuals, green tea was shown to improve the symptoms of psychological stress. Green tea has also shown benefits in other studies for weight loss, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers and oral health … [Read more...]

Are Stressed Animals Making Us Fat?

It has long been known that there is a strong link between chronic stress and obesity, but recent research has indicated that in addition to the stresses and strains of our own lives, the stress of the animals, fish and possibly the plants that we eat may also be contributing to our excess weigh - a concept called xenohormesis. Increasing pressures … [Read more...]

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