Time for a Health MOT?

“There was a time when I never thought I'd get well, but now thanks to Paula, I'm completely normal. Thanks for giving me my life back!

– Emma, Welwyn Garden City

Health test

Experiencing health issues and want to feel better?

Constipation / diarrhoea?


Frequent infections?

Mood issues?

Sensitive to foods?

Headaches or feeling sluggish?


Hormone imbalances?

Not sure what to eat?


Health MOT


The Health MOT is for those of you who are looking for one- off support and hoping to achieve one of the following

  • Keen to address some minor health niggles
  • Want to make sure that you are doing the right things to stay on track with your health and well being
  • Need help with healthily implementing a particular dietary approach such as vegetarianism, veganism or special diet such as gluten free or Low FODMAP diet
  • You would like your nutrition queries answered without commitment and prefer to book additional follow on consultations as and when needed


Green kale smoothie recipe
nutritionist offering personal appointments and consultations

How does it work?

Prior to your consultation you will complete a nutritional therapy questionnaire and diet diary so that these can be analysed ahead of your appointment enabling us to help you as much as possible

The session itself takes place on Zoom or Skype and lasts for up to 90 minutes. At your session your therapist will ask you questions to understand your health goals, health history as well as your diet and lifestyle.  During the consultation you will agree a plan together to include dietary and lifestyle recommendations to meet your health goals. You may also receive recommendations for functional tests and supplements. These are not included in the cost of the consultation

Breakfast with avocado etc

“I was very despondent when I first came to see Paula, but her calm and positive attitude gave me hope. It has been lovely working with Paula you get the impression that she really cares”

– Claire, St. Albans



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