Designed for you Meal Plans

“The recipes are fantastic and it's so great not having to worry about what we're going to eat!”

– LS, Hemel Hempstead –

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7 and 14 Day Bespoke Meal Plans

Are you finding it difficult to know what to eat? Looking for creative menu ideas on a restricted diet? Starting on a new health programme but stuck for ideas? Grappling with the requirements of different family members? We can help! This service is for you if…

  • You would like a plan of exactly what to eat on a daily basis to meet your dietary needs, together with recipes, shopping lists and nutritional info.
  • You are on a specific dietary regime and struggling with ideas
  • You are time-pressed and would love some inspiration on specifically what to eat and when

Plans can be tailored for most dietary requirements. The cost of the service includes analysis of a simple questionnaire identifying  your lifestyle and requirements. This then enables us to prepare and personalise your plan to suit your dietary needs, likes and dislikes and time availability thus removing the stress of planning meals. Plans are provided in pdf format with enticing pictures of each recipe. 7 and 14 day plan options are available for ultimate flexibility and comprise breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They offer fantastic value at only £40 for a 7 day plan and £65 for a 14 day option



Bespoke meal plans

Our meal plans can be tailored specifically for...

Gluten Free Diets

Allergen Friendly


Low Carb

Ketogenic Diets

SIBO diets

Sugar Free

High or Low Protein

High or Low Fat

Sports Nutrition

“I totally loved Paula's meal plan. It was great to know I was staying on track with my diet and everything was so easy!”

– A K, St. Albans –