Low Intake of Vitamin B6 is Associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms

It is very common for there to be links between foods eaten by IBS sufferers and symptoms experienced. Intolerances to commonly eaten foods such as wheat and dairy are common, however less is known about links between intake of specific nutrients and IBS symptoms.

In a cross sectional study carried out in May 2011 17 humans with IBS were recruited and symptoms were recorded on diary cards for 7 days. Intake of food was assessed from a food diary kept by subjects in the same period. Associations between IBS score and dietary intake were explored and a high symptom score was associated with low vitamin B6 intake. This significant relationship may have important clinical implications, the authors of the study concluded.

Source: Low intake of vitamin B6 is associated with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Nutr Res, 2011 May: 31 (5) 356-61

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