Vitamin D

Vitamin D – Who Needs it Most?

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to the lovely sunshine and start preparing for colder days ahead. As we move into this period it is important to make sure that our vitamin D levels are optimal. This is because the sun is our main source of the nutrient and in the UK we are unlikely to obtain the necessary exposure in these months. Vitamin D is key for immune and bone health. It also helps libido and prevention of depression. Additionally it may play a role in protecting us from cancer, heart disease and some autoimmune diseases

Evidence shows that deficiency levels are widespread in the UK, but some individuals appear to be more susceptible than others. Research shows that individuals who are overweight or obese are more likely to be deficient than those who are not. Other risk factors for deficiency appear to be sedentary lifestyle, increasing age, genetics, and those with dark skin (such as those of African, African Caribbean or South Asian origin).

The only sure fire way to know if your levels are optimal is to get tested. If you want to get checked then why not do our essential health check test. Currently on special offer at £69 this measures not only vitamin D, but 19 health markers including cholesterol. triglycerides, B12 and Folate. Grab yours here now!

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